About Us

Celebrating more than a quarter-century of Pride, Pageantry, Musicianship, & Service to the Community, the Association of the United States Army Military Concert Band, “Sounds of Freedom” proudly maintains the tradition of the American concert band through acclaimed performances of notable band literature. Currently, the band is composed of non-compensated skilled volunteer musicians who donate their time and skills to the community and abroad. Fun fact, our oldest member in the band is 102 years old and is still playing strong.

The band boasts a diverse membership made up of students, retired teachers, politicians, athletes, and semi-professional musicians who come from all over the Central Valley. Some are veterans while others have no military connections. Each member is a vital component of the band with a personal - often colorful - reason for joining.

This is truly a group of patriotic, dedicated, volunteer musicians who combine their talents in order to provide performances of arctic merit for the benefit of the active military, our nation’s veterans, the members of the band, and the community at large. The schedule of events includes military ceremonies as well as civic events and concerts.

Recognized by the Congress of the United States of America, the Sounds of Freedom Military Concert Band is the proud recipient of three Congressional Citations for its outstanding service.